Hi, I’m Leon Altman.

I help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, creators, and service providers dial in their messaging and hooks so people buy into their ideas (offers/solutions).

My methodology has been proven successful for over 35 years, from when I was creating Clio award-winning (the Oscars of advertising) TV commercials, to control- beating sales pages for online publishers, to many recent million dollar campaigns for top coaches and entrepreneurs.

Russ Ruffino (testimonial)

Russ is the CEO of an $80 million dollar coaching company 

“Leon is fantastic at coming up with hooks and new and catchy ideas that gets people to pay attention to what you’ve got… If you want to capture your audience’s attention with a persuasive sales message that actually brings dollars in the door, Leon is your guy”

Mike Buontempo (testimonial)

Mike is the founder and CEO of Client Accelerators, a top digital advertising agency specializing in serving high ticket coaches, consultants and information products.

Leon is able to come up with just such unbelievably Big Ideas that cut through and are super unique that allow us to get very high CTRs and overall drive down our cost per lead, cost per booked call and cost per enrollment”

Clients I’ve worked with

Clients I’ve worked with have included Fortune 100 companies, top experts, and elite coaches and consultants. Here are a few: 

Johnson &Johnson
Merrill Lynch
TIME Magazine
Discover Magazine
Proctor &
Pizza Hut
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Jell-O Pudding
Met Life
Barclays Global Investors
MacWorld Expo
Agora Financial
Investorplace Media
CNBC TV host - Jim Cramer
Russ Ruffino
Douglas James
Kate Byars

About Me

For a number of years I’ve been working with high ticket coaches, consultants, and experts to create high ROI campaigns: including ad campaigns, salespages, webinars, email, funnels, etc.

Some of it has been as an ongoing creative consultant for a top digital ad agency specializing in high ticket coaches and experts where I got to see under the hood of different campaigns and funnels and how to optimize them.

My method for creating high ROI campaigns has proven successful over and over and over again over decades. Here’s my story and how I developed my method.

My Hookology Method for creating million dollar campaigns

It’s the art of getting attention from the right audience and keeping it so you can present your message and make the case for your offer and brand.

There is no doubt in a highly distracted, busy world where people are bombarded with 10,000  marketing messages daily, the ability to come up with opening hooks that attract attention is job #1. If it doesn’t work, nothing else matters. 

But that’s only one kind of hook . . .

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How to work with me

One way is to sign up for a Breakthrough Power Hour
(AKA: the 1 Hour CMO session).

The other way is my 4 week Breakthrough trainings.

They are both part of Altman Communications Academy – which includes coaching, consulting, and training for breakthrough marketing communications.

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