My Hookology Method for creating million dollar campaigns and brands​

It’s the art of getting attention from the right audience and keeping it so you can present your message and make the case for your offer and brand. 

There is no doubt in a highly distracted world where people are bombarded with, according to research, over 10,000  marketing messages daily, the ability to come up with opening hooks that attract attention is job #1. If the opening hook doesn’t work, nothing else matters. 

But that’s only one kind of hook . . .​

Once you earn the attention of your prospect you need to keep earning it whether it is a two minute YouTube, or 50 minute webinar. You need to embed more hooks throughout to keep people engaged. .

In fact, you need hooks in every part of your funnel to pull people through to the sale. Including:

You need a big idea hook for your overall brand and your products:.For the title and subtitle of your course, your book, your talk.

Hooks can be:

Hooks need to be strategic: meaning they all need to be tied into your core messages. So you need to be clear on what your core messages are.

As you develop more ads, videos, etc. you will be able to track which hooks work and which don’t, and how to improve.them. For instance,

The data will tell you the story of your hooks. 

But how do you come up with new hooks that work for you? How do you integrate them in an aligned system throughout your funnel and campaigns? How do you judge the hooks others create for you? And how do you incorporate your hooks into ads, salespages, webinars, positioning to both increase conversions and grow your brand?

Well that’s what my methodology is all about.

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