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What If You Could Get Personal Guidance On The Private Marketing Communications Method That Has Set Records For Companies Like

IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Time Magazine, Barclays Global Investors, and Coldwell Banker, Made $Millions For Top Coaches and Consultants Like Russ Ruffino, Douglas James, and Kate Byars, and for Celebrity Experts Like CNBC TV host Jim Cramer . . .

Well, now you can, but first you need to know this:

Flint McGlaughlin, founder of the renowned marketing research firm MECLABS says, “the essence of marketing is the message.” True…

but when research shows that people are getting bombarded with 10,000 marketing messages a day and ignoring almost all of them –

How do you break through all that noise?

How do you make sure your message won’t be one of the 9,990 messages refused entry into the minds of your prospects?

Here’s the key that will get you in:

If the essence of marketing is the message, I would add, the essence of a message that sells is The Hook.

Once you know how to come up with and use all sorts of hooks: big idea hooks, opening hooks, story hooks, bullet hooks, offer hooks, and open loop hooks that will keep readers reading and viewers watching, you have the keys to breaking through.

That’s why I came up with the Hookology Method and apply it to all marketing communications. It’s the method I’ve refined over 35 years working on marketing projects for top companies, agencies, coaches and gurus.

It can be applied to every part of your funnel and campaign: ads, sales pages, upsells, webinars, email, landing pages, etc. And the results are amazing

Here's what 8 figure coach Russ Ruffino has to say:
Why haven’t you heard of this before?

Okay, I have to fess up here. I’ve kind of kept it to myself. It’s enabled me to stay at the top for so many years. While I’ve divulged some of it to coaching clients, I pretty much kept the whole system to myself while I was hotly competing for high paying clients.

So why open the kimono now?

Fact is, while I still do some copywriting and create campaigns for clients (in fact my recent social media ad campaigns have, as they say, been crushing – see testimonials), at this point in my life my biggest satisfaction is helping others.

Helping coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs grow their business by leaps and bounds. Helping independent consultants and freelancers go to the next level.

I’ve experienced the feeling of being a hero with my copy and campaigns but no longer crave the glory. And money is no longer an issue.

So coaching, consulting and teaching is my jam at this point. Which is ironic, since I started out teaching (see my bio) and have always enjoyed coaching and teaching.

So how can I help you? Well, through 1 to 1 guidance on your marketing communications. And the easiest way to get that is to book a Breakthrough Power Hour with me. (see below)

[Warning: there are very few time slots available in any month. Once they’re filled, It’s closed until the following month.

The Power Hour (aka 1 Hour CMO session)
We can cover anything you want. Think of me as your fractional Chief Marketing Officer for the hour. For instance, together we can:
You can shape your Power Hour according to what you need. (Look at the trainings below to get an idea on some of the topics I cover.).
Who is this for?
Fee for the Power Hour/1 Hour CMO session: $600
(Tip: consider this a “sneaky backdoor” – for now –  to get a critique for less. My critiques for sales funnels and sales webinars go for $1,000.)
How it works:

To reserve your Power Hour/1 Hour CMO session, check availability, then click to reserve your day and time. Click> I want to reserve a Power Hour 

Want more comprehensive training in specific marketing communications areas?
I got you! I created these 4 week Deep Dive programs, to go in more in-depth on particular marketing communications areas.
4 week Deep Dive BreakthroughPrograms
One to one personal programs with a particular focus.
How it works:

After you sign up for a 4 week program, you’ll get notified and receive the first training video. Plus a worksheet and other materials.

I will then create a private Google doc folder for us to share documents, scripts, videos, questions and answers, etc. (like you see here).

This will be our shared workspace. You can upload assignments, ask questions, and share videos.

I will go into the folder and do critiques, answer questions, upload weekly training videos, and give personalized advice in the form of comments or videos, etc.

In the folder, you’ll also find checklists, templates, and examples. You will continue to have access to me throughout the 4 week program through the shared Google folder. I will be notified whenever you post questions or upload a new doc.

The Google doc folder will be yours to keep after the program.

(Note: Want to have a 1 to 1 call or zoom session in addition to the  training? Just sign up for a  Power Hour/1 hour CMO session, see above, at any point.)

Here are the Deep Dive Breakthrough Programs

1. Breakthrough Hooks and Big Idea Training

(signature training – my Hookology Method)

Discover the different kinds of hooks, how to come up with them, and how to use them:

So how do you come up with these breakthrough hooks on your own? I’ll show you the specific process I developed over the years which has enabled me to create winning campaigns for over 35 years – including today.

The process I teach you in this training process will enable you to come up with the right hooks on demand. Once you know the process you can guide freelancers or AI tools to do much of the work for you.

You’ll also get access to my private vault of

-Evergreen big idea hooks
-Opening hooks
-Bullet hooks and more

Plus my files of the top Angles – this is key to coming up with different hooks.

When it comes down to it, in this incredibly noisy online world (and it will only grow noisier) you absolutely need a good hook game to stand out and persuade and convert your prospects.  This unique training does that for you.

Added Bonus: How to leverage AI tools to come up with more breakthrough hooks and ideas faster and easier


The Hook is the most important part of all breakthrough marketing communications. But what about the rest of the webinar, sales page, ad, email, etc.?

In fact, that was another problem I faced for years. There was so much to do so I had to work fast! Out of necessity, I developed a complementary creation process to my Hookology Method.

And that is the Fast Assembly Block Process. You see, once you have the main hook, the rest is pretty modular. Think of it as text or script blocks to be assembled in the right order.

Once I figured out this process, boy did it make things faster. Yes, things are a bit different going from a facebook ad to a youtube video to a webinar etc. But the process of assembling these blocks is essentially the same.

Each of the  following 4 week programs shows you how to combine my hooks methodology with my Fast Assembly Block Process, and how to apply them to specific kinds of marketing communications.

The result? Higher engagement, trust, belief, and conversion – leading to more clients and customers: Take a look and see which one is right for you.

2. Breakthrough Ads Training

The goal here is to show you how to come up with different opening hooks so you can easily create multiple breakthrough ads for different ad platforms.

And then to show you how to use the fast assembly block method to easily create the rest of the ad, as well as how to embed hooks throughout to keep engagement high all through the ad. So you have the ability to have high converting ads when you want.

This works whether you are creating the ads yourself, guiding a freelancer, or using ai tools. You’ll discover:

Plus Video insider tactics, like:

You’ll also get my exclusive checklists, and templates

Added Bonus: How to leverage AI tools to write breakthrough ads faster and easier

3. Breakthrough Sales Page Training

Discover how to come up with different opening hooks so you can easily create multiple sales pages by just changing the opening and the lead.

And how to use the fast assembly block method to easily create the rest of the sales page, as well as embed hooks throughout to keep engagement high throughout the page. with this training you will gain the ability to have high converting sales pages when you want. Here’s what you’ll discover:

4. Breakthrough Video Sales Letter (VSL) training

Learn how to come up with different opening hooks so you can easily create multiple video sales letters by just changing the opening and the lead.

And then I’ll  show you how to use the fast assembly block method to easily create the rest of the VSL, as well as embed hooks throughout to keep engagement throughout the ad. You’ll come out with the ability to have high converting sales pages whenever you want.

5. Breakthrough Webinar/Masterclass training

Includes my proprietary templates and formulas

6. Breakthrough email training

Learn how to write the breakthrough email sequences that get delivered, make an impact and get people to click through.

Includes my templates and checklists. Together we’ll create multiple sequences you can use for your business

Added Bonus: How to leverage AI tools to write breakthrough emails faster and easier

7. Breakthrough Sales Funnel Training

Russell Brunson built an empire based on sales funnels. For good reason. They are the key to online success. But while there is a lot of emphasis on setting up the funnel, people often miss the key to making them successful. The messaging and the hook. This training will fill that void. You’ll discover:

We’ll look at different funnel options and see which are best for you, including:

8. Breakthrough Launch Training

Years ago I was the lead writer on one of the biggest product launches of the century. The launch of iShares,which basically started the Exchange Traded Funds industry (now worth trillions of dollars).

It was a giant complex launch with lots of moving parts. I’ve taken lessons from that as well as launches I’ve worked on from big advertisers like Proctor& Gamble, and launches I’ve worked on for high ticket coaches and consultants, and put them into this Breakthrough Launch Program. Here’s a few things you’ll discover:

9. Breakthrough Content Creation Training

Content marketing works wonders if your content breaks through all the online noise out there. Breakthrough content makes a memorable  impression in the minds of your audience. It projects an aura of importance and influence.

Here is the training that will enable you to create content that sticks in the minds of your audience. You’ll discover:

This will raise your content game, whether you create some or all of it yourself, or use freelancers or AI writing tools.

Added Bonus: How to leverage AI tools to write breakthrough content faster and easier

10. Breakthrough positioning and pitching - whether you are on Shark Tank, podcasts, events or webinars

The elements of positioning, messaging and USP, do more for separating you from competitors, determining what you can charge and which audiences you can attract. This training will enable you to position yourself and your brand and acquire the clients you want.

11. Breakthrough Copywriting Training

Whether you are a copywriter or a business owner who wants to write or supervise copy for your business, this will be invaluable to you.

You’ll get advice from someone (me) who is currently creating big campaign winners for top entrepreneurs…AND  one of the few who has been winning at copywriting for over 35 years. Winner of Clios, the Oscars of advertising, featured in AWAI’s publication of top copywriters…. (see bio)

I’ve focused this copywriting training on key the elements of successful copywriting:

Looking for more clients? Then you should check into this.
12. My Serial Specialist Strategy for acquiring client after client after client

(for consultants, marketing agencies, freelancers, service businesses, and coaches)

I’m spilling the secrets on how I’ve been able to get client after client ….for over 30 years. And how I’ve helped freelancers, consultants, agencies and service pros and many others easily break into new fields to increase their revenue and client base.

I designed this so you’re NOT trapped in a specialty (I wasn’t)…The technique I created means you don’t have to niche down your brand in order to niche down your marketing.

This strategy works so well because every business owner/potential client believes their business is special and requires insider expertise.

This is the exact client acquisition strategy that enabled me to be highly successful for over 30 years (as a consultant, copywriter, interim creative director and CMO, and a boutique agency – not all at the same time! lol)

Bonuses you get with all the programs
Bonus 1: Personal Assessment and guide going forward

I create a video and written guide assessing where you are in your path to a more profitable business and  advice on how best to go forward and succeed.

Bonus 2: Alumni Discount

Once you’ve gone through your first program, you get an Alumni Discount of 50% on any additional programs you take in the Altman Communications Academy.

What is the fee for these 4 week 1 to 1 Intensives?

Before I tell you the fee, I ask you to compare this to Masterminds of $10k to $25k and up! Or to high ticket programs that are often $5k to $10k and up. And neither are truly 1 to 1 like these are.

(Each program has the same fee)

One time payment of  $1295

or 2 payments of $725

My Special “Really? Guarantee”

If by the end of the program, you feel you did not get the value you wanted from the program, you get your money back. All of it. All you have to do is send me an email before the end of your last day of the 4 week program, requesting a refund).

People say, “Really?” when I tell them the guarantee (hence the name). 

So there is no risk to you.

But is it a big risk to me? It is. A lot of work goes into this program and the personal attention I offer. But I am so confident you will get so much value out of it, I am willing to make this guarantee.

You should know, if you refund:

(note: refund does not apply to the Power Hour/1 Hour CMO)