Big Idea Metaphor Class – sneak peek

This is part of a workshop class I gave to Client Accelerators, one of the top digital ad agencies. 

In the class I demonstrate how to use my Big Idea Hook System:

-Start off with list of messaging points for brand/product/offer/campaign /funnel

-Then use a big idea framework to help turn a core message into a big idea hook that breaks through the noise. Variations of the hook can be used for the product, ad campaigns, videos, sales pages, emails, etc. 

In this session, the Big Idea framework I focused on is : Big Idea Metaphors and Analogies. This is a sneak peek into the class:

Got an important campaign, launch, or promotion coming up? 

Time to ramp up your visibility and impact in your niche?

Learn how to come up with big idea hooks for your business, brand, product, services, ad campaigns, content, email, etc. Find out more, by clicking Big Idea Hook Frameworks

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