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financial professionals

Special Report Reveals Little-Known Online Tactics that Bring You As Many Targeted Prospects As You Want

Isn't it time you upgraded your marketing to include all the prospects online?
And you don't ever have to touch a website. You just need to know what to tell others to do.

This Special Report, including an audio so you can listen whenever you want, reveals the techniques that are enabling select financial professionals, including advisors, planners, brokers, and accountants, to surge ahead of competitors who are falling behind the times.


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And don't worry if you know little about the Internet. This guide was meant to let financial professionals know what will work for them online - so they can oversee what others should be doing for them. Here are just some of the fthings you'll find out in this report:

The most important page on your website and how to use it to attract a steady stream of prospects

The secret to getting the search engines to love your website so more people find out about your services

Why the double-barreled PR approach gets you more results than old style PR

How to build your brand, increase your credibility AND acquire new prospects with this one powerhouse tactic

If you or your firm haven't upgraded your marketing to take advantage of the new ways people are seeking financial information and advice, and the new ways people are deciding on who to hire, then you need to this report.

For instance, you've always known that educational content is a good way of attracting propects. But you probly not aware of how you can now take charge of the content and use it to gain a giant edge in the market. In this report you'll find out:

-Easy ways to get high-value content created quickly and easily for you.
-How to get content repurposed for new multimedia
-How to use educational content to become a magnet for the search engines and have prospects flocking to you.

This Report turns old assumptions on its head

-Think you are beholden to the almighty media to get good press? Not any more.
-Think it's up to industry elites to decide if you are an authority in your niche? Those days are over.

Even more pernicious than old, no longer valid, assumptions is thinking that online marketing, search engine optimization, all of that is too complicated.... That you are dependent on some internet design company to make any little change to your website.

Not so if you follow what this Report tells you.

Still inviting people to a seminar and brunch or lunch or appetizers and hoping there will be some real prospects among the freeloaders?

Once you see how easy it is to get webinars created and marketed, you can use them to attract and persuade prospects wherever they may be - without lunch or appetizers.

The Special Report will open your eyes to the new day in marketing for financial professionals.

And how do I know so much about it?. I am a marketing bridge so to speak. Starting out as the copywriter on the Merrillynch account years ago at Y&R. Was one of the lead writers that introduced ishares from Barclays, consdered the most successful financial product launch of the past 20 uears. Have over 70 article on FA marketing on Created programs for tons of FAS. Marketing dirctor for one of the most sucesful financial magazine lauch. and for the past 13 years heavily involved in online market - form the biggies to others. From being a lead creatconsultant for, building working on many others. The amrris account.

I see so many financial pros falling behind when it comes to marketing. That's why I created this Report. I also know that many pros many don't have the time to read additional material. So also recorded an mp3 audio. Just download and listen whenever is convenient. 45 minutes of no-fluff, hard-core web marketing secrets you can use.

How much for this business-changing Report and audio? $197? $297? If it increases your business ( I know it will) it's certainly worth a whole lot more. But it's far less.

Get it right now, and get the special price of only $17.

Why so low? Frankly I know a number of you will want me and my assoicates to execute some of the marketing programs discussed in the Report. So that certainly makes it worthwhile for me to offer this super low price. And if you want others to execute these programs - that's great too.

Don't wait. Others are surging ahead with these marketing techniques. Get in front of the line with marketing that pulls in as many new clients as you want.

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